Commercial Services

Commercial Services


Our excavation services include site preparation, parking lot excavation, sub-base preparation, and driveway excavation for commercial and residential properties.

Asphalt Paving

In order to be a good investment, a residential driveway must be properly constructed. Our asphalt paving information is designed as a general guide for private driveways. A driveway that is properly designed and constructed, will give many years of service with minimal maintenance. Such a driveway is simple and affordable to build.

parking lot

Line Striping / Pavement Markings

Sinnott Blacktop, LLC. offers a full pavement striping service for both commercial and residential properties. We use high-quality lead-free commercial marking paint that may be applied to either asphalt or concrete.

Snow Services

Frost action or heaving is something that occurs every winter here in the Northland. This can mean big problems for an asphalt surface if the initial installation was not done properly. Frost action is a two step process, the freezing of soil water, and the thawing of the soil water.

Seal Coat